SERMET is a Foreign Trade Company established in the year 2000 and has been working on ceramic market for 11 years. The firm is located in Izmir which is the 3. biggest city of Turkey and has many advantages for import and export due to having an active and big port. SERMET has been working as a foreign trade company and importing raw materials, spare parts and all other necessary equipments needed for the ceramic wall and floor tile production. 

In additionally, our Export Department has been activated in May 2007 and we also export the wall and floor tiles of Turkish Leader Ceramic manufacturers to many countries from all corners of the world.

Turkey is a big cake for ceramic market where SERMET takes an important piece in this cake as an intermediary. SERMET supplies all necessities of its ceramic market customers and distributes them to the users on time with the most effective way. SERMET always aims to be known by its quality understanding and high ability of on time distribution. SERMET always developes its product list so as to compete with the leader market suppliers.That’s why SERMET is the agent of many foreign companies and supplying materials with high quality. SERMET has the mission of three things which will make SERMET go on for years, these are; following the developed technological developments and the highest quality, serving on time and answering the expectations, working with knowledged and qualified workforce. SERMET always tries to do its best to reach to the best supplier over the world. The basic objective of SERMET is to be the leader of suppliers for ceramic market in Turkey. SERMET has the principles of honesty, trust, opennes, respect, teamwork, continual development and quality.